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MMD The Dance of the Fairy of the East by Trackdancer MMD The Dance of the Fairy of the East by Trackdancer
In China, there are plenty of folk tales about beings that are called "Sun Tsin". This translates roughly into Japanese as "Kami" and in English we would call these beings either "Spirits" or "Fairies". The Japanese translation is probably closer as Sun Tsins are usually intermediaries between men and the "Gods". When they come down from the Heavens, they take the form of beautiful women and there are many tales about their dalliances with mortal men which usually have tragic outcomes.

Well as it turned out, the Vocaloids are being marketed in China and one of the new Vocaloids designed for this market is named Luo Tianyi. As luck would have it, I stumbled across a link to download her from ~Lobbie89's blog. She is definitely a little different from the Vocaloids we are used to seeing and in a good way. She moves beautifully and is very well made with lots of nice touches and details including a Chinese Princess style hair-do. Eyes are a bit odd, not quite like the anime eyes we are use to seeing and this is refreshingly different.

Anyway, with a find like this I just had to do something with her and you can see part of the result above and the rest in the video from which that shot was made.

Vocaloid: Luo Tianyi (Copyright VOCALOID CHINA, Inc.)
Music: Cantonese love song (Willing to bear love)
Motion: adapted from Electric Diva
Camera & Lighting: self-made
Stage: - Oriental Dream Stage - (modified for this video)
Backdrop: Great Wall of China wallpaper
MME: Adult Shader, BeamMan_DOF, Object Luminous and Cross Luminous

The backdrop was chosen because it does have a lot of blue hues - I wanted a blue bias in the overall image to match Luo Tianyi's attire. Even went as far as giving her a blue rug to dance on. Lighting was adjusted to emphasize the blues and the use of the MME DOF effect served to disguise the fact that the backdrop is flat (and it worked really well too, but you can't really see this in the screenshot).

YouTube video: [link]
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Awwww ... what a nice thing to say :blush:
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