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MMD Alice's Stage Set by Trackdancer MMD Alice's Stage Set by Trackdancer

This is the first release of a series of MMD stage models that I am working on that will be featuring the newly designed VOCALOID SYSTEMS SLIM TECH components and stage accessories. The thinking behind the system, having worked on different MMD stage designs for the past two years is to create a staging system for MMD which will satisfy the criteria listed below.

So what is this system all about?

The system was conceived to provide 3D models and accessories that allow maximum creativity for MMD video makers. So what's better than a DIY system of ready made components? Just put together the pieces that you need to make a stage layout that works and looks the way you want. There are plenty of fixed design stages available already such as the bulk of the offerings in my own gallery. Those are 'theme' stages and the idea behind those is to choose a design that works best with your music and get on with it. The main draw back behind fixed design stages is that they are limited by their nature to a narrow scope of application. So for example, who in their right mind would use the Gothica Stage for a piece of music like PONPONPON? 

A flexible system like the VOCALOID SYSTEMS SLIM TECH components presented here offers nicely designed, but neutral accessories which are applicable to all types of music. Additionally, the user can set them up the way they want so the final layout will very much be something that will be unique to their project.

Additionally, because by nature the system is 'minimalist', the focus of viewers will be on the performing MMD model and his or her performance rather distracting features inherent in many fixed stage designs. Sometimes you want that, but increasingly in my own work, I find that there is a lot to be said about stage environments that are more suggestive of a larger more complete environment than is actually there. If you look at what happens in many real concerts, that's exactly the visual experience. The stage design 'frames' the performer and the stage components are just background filler and in many instances, other than what is immediately within the viewers' eyes, the rest doesn't even really register in their overall visual experience.

I've made several videos basically using this system. Essentially the same components, arranged differently were used for different genre of music and performance types and the strategem seems to work fine. So now I'm releasing most of what I have got at the moment so that others can have a chance to try their hand with the system. To a degree the system is geared towards more advanced users. The pieces range from the fairly basic to a few more complex pieces, but none of which would be a hurdle for a beginner to MMD. Plus the system is flexible enough to use with other stage environment models so it is very open ended.

So what's in the download?

Well first off you get the stage that I specially designed for Queen's Gate Alice. Wherein it is suggestive of her color scheme, the design itself is deliberately neutral enough so that it can be used by other character models. I've used the same stage for my recent Aimo video featuring Gumi and it looked great. It has an attractive illuminated orange rim, but what is really special about it is the lighting system developed for the spot lamps. It is designed to light up much like the real thing and with careful application of an illumination MME effect (Object Luminous) they can be used to replicate a very good approximation of real lights. Much more so than on previous systems that I have designed in the past. Plus you can position real illumination sources such as Post Point Lights at their locations to make them work like real lights.

Then there is an improved version of the SLDU (Strobe Light Display Unit) which first appeared in a non-working form on Gumi's Cosmo-Pod stage. There it was just a static decorative object. I took the concept further in the Mikulogic stage where it was made to work with VMD Spectrum data but the lighting logic wasn't that good. So I toyed with it some more and now it really works very well. Its added advantage is that as a standalone component, it now has multiple applications.

Also in the set are two different designs of SLIM TECH concert speakers plus a matching microphone stand set. There is also a small standalone LCD style motion capture display unit. All of these components except for the large speakers can be seen in the illustration at the top of this page.

So where is the download link?

The download is hosted on BOWLROLL at the following URL:

You will need a password to access the download and this can be found on the demo video page here:

I apologize for the 'password runaround'. Most of you know that I usually don't play this game with model downloads, but I am making an exception here as I really do wish for people to see the full capabilities of this system. This demo serves to give definitive proof that the system works exactly as intended. But it will be worth your while because there are some things that Alice really wants to show and after all, it is her stage that's on offer here. We hope you like the music from the anime classic 'Inuyasha' as Alice puts an interesting spin on Kagome's Theme and the video does use original animation, so it's not recycled motion data that you'll be watching.




Queen's Gate Alice - Kakomiki (version used here has been edited)
(C) NitroPlus/HobbyJapan

Software used: MMD 9.10 / PMD / Face and Lips / Audacity / SketchUp Make / Photoshop 7


Recommended MME effects
You will need the following MME effects for best results. These are not included with the download, but they are fairly popular effects so finding a link to them should only require a simple Google search.


You can use MIRROR WF instead, but WORKING FLOOR is far more convenient for an application like this one.

VOCALOID SYSTEMS is an entirely ficticious corporate entity that I created to flagship many of stages and accessories for MMD. Conceptually it is a parody of a large contemporary international corporation that manufactures electronic and engineering goods.

SLIM TECH is a ficticious name brand that I created to flagship this series of models and accessories for MMD.

All VOCALOID SYSTEMS SLIM TECH models and accessories are distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Additional terms, if applicable, are noted in the readme.txt included with the distribution package.

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Great concept on the whole neutral stage system idea. I know the feeling of wanting to have just an all purpose stage, when none other can be suited!
Trackdancer Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
It was a bit of a risk to go this route for a variety of reasons, but I felt the need outweighed the risk so that's why I'm proceeding as planned. The next installment in this series is already in the works and will be ready soon.
iheartwinky Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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