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MMD Magic Casting Demo by Reimu Hakurei


Xoriu's blog - a treasure trove of links for Vocaloid model collectors ...



MMD Model Review: PTX Mikki by Trackdancer
MMD Model Review: PTX Mikki
Review for GM34 's Mikki from the PTX Ponytail Express.

His YouTube channel is here if you want to see this model and the others in the group in motion:…
Stampede- 1 million BC by Trackdancer
Stampede- 1 million BC

Gekido Plains, 1 Million BC

It was pleasant day in the grassland plains near the Amazonian village of Gekido. It wasn't too hot and there was a gentle breeze. Two young huntresses and their "puppy" were wandering around looking for something to bring back for dinner as well as keeping a sharp look out so that they wouldn't end up being dinner as these were dangerous times.

Their puppy was a velociraptor and was quite a novelty since they were the only ones in their village with a hunting pet. They managed to get hold of this intelligent and faithful creature about a year ago when they were gathering eggs. Back in those days, one way to supplement the village diet was to raid the nests of dinosaurs to steal their eggs. It was a rich source of much needed proteins and this foodstuff was less dangerous to acquire than to hunt for prey. As it so happened the two huntresses secured a handful of eggs and on their way back to their village with their spoils one of the eggs hatched and "Rover", as the girls named the raptor, was the result. Their sub-chief was all for adding "Rover" to a stew but the two girls, were taken with the young baby raptor, as they considered it cute, and some how managed to convince the village chief to allow them to keep it as a pet. Thinking that they would soon tire of their pet, as the two girls were noted for their short attention spans, the chief had allowed it but as things turned out, not only did they not tire of looking after their pet, but they also managed to train it to not only fetch, but to follow them on their hunts. Raptors, being relatively intelligent and inquisitive creatures made an ideal companion for these two girls who shared, in the opinion of some, the same degree of intelligence.

And so on this day Rover and his mistresses were out on the plains looking for something suitable to bring home for dinner. Rover's mistresses were both teenage girls who were about 16 years old in age. One was named Miku and she had teal colored hair that she tied into two pony tails and her constant companion was named Neru who had blonde hair tied into a single offset pony tail. They were inseparable companions and even shared the same yurt, which as they would proudly point out, they built themselves. Whatever their shortcomings, which were according to some, especially the village sub-chief, the girls had plenty, they were actually good hunters and their yurt was covered and furnished with the pelts and skins of their successes. They even had, as they would proudly point out to anyone who cared to ask, the pelt of a fearsome Pedobear which they used as a blanket. And that they used to keep themselves warm as in those days, it could get really cold at night. Rover on the other hand was not allowed into the yurt after it had grown to his full size as he was too big. So instead, he faithfully slept at the entrance to the yurt and as it turned out, he made a pretty good 'watch dog'. Even though he didn't bark, he could make a raspy kind of a cry which was sufficiently loud to make it useful as an alarm call. He also had superior hearing to the girls, which was surprising since he had no discernible ears.

Well, as our story begins, Rover started 'barking' in alarm all of a sudden. Looking in his direction, they saw Rover looking with concern over at something behind him. The girls felt whatever it was before they could see it as whatever it was, was coming their way quickly and was big enough to shake the ground. They started running after Rover but he was already one step ahead of them. They throw a quick glance behind them as they ran and saw a huge T-Rex bearing down on them. They were in a bind. The T-Rex could easily out run both of them even without breaking a sweat, and over the rolling terrain and tall grass they could already see the head of the creature headed in their direction. Fortunately, the girls were also quite resourceful as otherwise, they wouldn't have survived as long as they had.

With a quick exchange of words the two girls decided to head towards the nearby river and so they corrected their direction of flight, whistling to Rover to follow them, but the creature was already ahead of them with a similar idea in mind. They were all hoping that there would be other prey along the river and that the T-Rex would go for one of those rather than them.

Now the thing about T-Rexes was they were neither stupid, nor were they solitary. They had hunting tactics not unlike those of modern lions. One of their strategies was to have one or more of their numbers flush out the prey and chase them towards others in the pack that were positioned strategically to intercept the fleeing herd. In actual fact, the T-Rex now bearing down on the girls had actually very little interest in either the girls or Rover. She had much bigger prey in mind and she was now bearing down on a herd by the river with the girls in front of her. However, this wasn't the only T-Rex that was herding the prey. Another one was coming from another direction and their intention was to prevent their prey escaping by jumping into the river and swimming away.

Within moments the ground was shaking violently as dozens of dinosaurs were sent into a sudden panic. There were all types near the river, but the group closest to the girls was a large pack of duckbill dinosaurs and these were huge creatures. These were all now stampeding in the direction of the girls with another very large and hungry T-Rex in pursuit.

But Neru didn't stop. In fact she was running directly towards the stampeding herd and so both Miku and Rover looked at each other briefly and then one quick glance behind them and the sight of a T-Rex bearing down towards them at full speed was sufficient to make them decide to follow Neru as fast as they could run. It would be hard to figure out who was running faster, Miku and Rover were running neck to neck with Neru only slightly in front of them. And soon enough they were in the midst of the stampeding herd.

Neru took them through the middle of the herd and all of them had to take great care not to collide with the huge stampeding beasts, but she also took them into the direction of their pursuer, a single large female T-Rex. To Miku and Rover, it seemed as if Neru was determined to take them into the maws of the great predator, but a quick glance behind them made them quickly realize why. Other T-Rexes had come out from somewhere behind them in a move to intercept the path of the stampeding herd of duckbills which meant that at some point, the herd would turn and for sure the girls and Rover would be stomped to death. That is, unless they could reach the area around the single large female T-Rex which was of course clear of any other creature. And so they raced on, nimbly dodging a few duckbills that swerved into their path and soon they were right in front of the single female T-Rex which was prudently stand her ground, just roaring as she had no desired to be bowled over by the stampeding herd either. She ignored both girls and Rover, focusing its attention solely on the stampeding herd.

Neru slowed down and indicated to her companions to do likewise. Cautiously, they then skirted around the T-Rex mindful to keep out of range of its maws and then ran for the river. Reaching the banks they found some tall vegetation and hid amongst it until the panic was over. That didn't take long as the T-Rexes were able to take down one of the duckbills and were soon engrossed in feeding paying no need to anything else. The panic over the remaining duckbills returned to the river to water and feed which disturbed the fish. This was something the girls took advantage of, spearing a few for lunch. And although fish wasn't a normal part of a raptor's diet, Rover did not fuss when he was given one to feast on. The only difference being that he took his raw whilst the girls roasted theirs.

Over lunch the girls discussed their recent experience and wondered if it would be possible to train Rover to herd prey towards them in a manner similar to the tactic employed by the T-Rexes. So using mainly hand signals they explained what they had in mind to Rover. The girls assumed that Rover understood everything they say to him and for his part Rover looked at them with a bright spark in his eyes and seemingly nodded in comprehension. Whether this kind of motion on his part was actually a form of acnowledgement of comprehension or merely a behaviour displayed by raptors is hard for anyone to guess.

And so after their lunch and their afternoon nap, which they took in the branches of a nearby tree for safety, they put their idea to the test. They set off on their endeavor and for his part, Rover seemed to understand his intended role. And so they tried to stampede the duckbills, with no success. The duckbills were not intimidated in the slightest by a single raptor easily less than half their size; not only that, but one of the bulls chased him off instead. So the girls decided to go elsewhere to try their luck with a different type of prey. In any case, trying to bring down a duckbill by themselves would have been a near impossible task given the size of the creatures and the fact that all they had as their means of disposing such a creature were their spears and those were clearly not going to be up to the task.

So they tried to herd a group of crocodiles basking in the sun. They simply ignored Rover. Then upping the stakes they tried to get Rover to herd a single Braciosarus. It simply ignored Rover regarding him as a hippo would a pesky fly. And so this went on for awhile but since most of the prey dinosaurs were simply a lot bigger than Rover, none were intimidated by him in the slightest. In fact, they weren't intimidated by the girls either even when they tried to panic them by shouting and throwing stones at them so after awhile they gave up and decided to just follow the course of the river on a route that would take them back towards Gekido village. They wanted to be safe within it's stout wooden walls before sunset.

However, en route Rover suddenly ran off to the surprise of the girls but as suddenly he reappeared with a very annoyed chocobo in hot pursuit. A chocobo was a large flightless bird which was only a little larger than Rover. It was also of a specie noted for its ferociousness and short tempered nature, but it was also of a size which was just manageable for the two girls to handle. And so they killed it. Although the girls' plan didn't quite work out as intended, the village did have 'chicken' for dinner that night and Rover was well rewarded for his effort with a giant drum stick to himself.

... The End.


Miku and Neru Cave girls: Animasa - my edits     (C) Crypton Future Media, Inc.
Dinosaurs and creatures: mods by Valforwing

Grass: Beamman
MME: dMasslight / o_SelfOverlay_blur / Diffusion 7
Render: MMD 9.22
Compilation: Photoshop 7
Miku Holmes - The Kerorin Skeleton Affair by Trackdancer
Miku Holmes - The Kerorin Skeleton Affair

Sometime after school hours in an old industrial building in the outskirts of Kerorin Town.

During the post war period, Kerorin Town saw a rapid period of growth as Japan struggled to rebuild it's economy after the devastations of the Second World War. Thus in the western part of the town there was a once thriving industrial district where small factories were once hives of activity. In modern Japan, however, much of these activities have migrated to other areas so nowadays there are a series of rundown factories which are mainly used for storage or abandoned and neglected.

So, it is here that we find our two intrepid heroines, two high school girls. One with teal hair tied into two long twin tails and another, somewhat odd looking girl with blue hair, reptilian eyes, a pair of wings and a tail. As it turned out, they are private investigators, here amongst these old buildings on behalf of their client.

One of the girls is the famous Vocaloid idol, Miku Hatsune, who insists for the moment to be addressed as 'Holmes'. The other girl is named Ditzy-chan and much to her annoyance is currently being addressed by her compatriot as 'Watson'.

Ditzy-chan : And what are we doing here again Miku? Aren't we supposed to be doing our homework?
Miku : Watson, our homework isn't due until next week so we've got plenty of time.
Ditzy-chan : Stop calling me 'Watson' will you? And FYI, we've got three book reports and a science project to complete by next week, not to mention a half-dozen math worksheets and you still have to learn the lyrics for your next single or have you forgotten?
Miku : Don't worry, I've got this covered. We'll make so much from this case that we'll be able to pay IA to let us copy her homework!
Ditzy-chan : IA-san doesn't allow anyone to copy her homework, and besides what case are you talking about?
Miku : We've got a client that I'm investigating this area for, and she pays well!
Ditzy-chan : Who, Luka? Well at least she's rich.
Miku : Nope.
Ditzy-chan : Meiko? As if she would ever pay us for anything.
Miku : Nope, our client will definitely pay so don't worry about it. Besides this case will be a cakewalk for a brilliant detective like me!
Ditzy-chan : Pray do tell who our 'client' is; as for you being a brilliant at anything, the jury is still out deliberating.
Miku : Oh, it's Haku and she wants us to find her cat. She said she last saw him around here. So this will be really easy especially since we've got the VSDF-01 with us.
Ditzy-chan : HAKU! Haku doesn't pay shit!
Miku : Of course she does. She pays up all the time. I have whole shoebox full of her IOUs. IOUs are money too, you know!
Ditzy-chan : *facepalm* And so in other words we're doing this pro-bono ...
Miku : Yeah, that's because we're 'pros'!
Ditzy-chan : BTW, just so you know, the radar's not picking up any life forms except us. There's no cat around here.
Miku : Oh, he's here alright. That radar won't work around here, there's too much clutter, but we won't need it to find him. Come on, let's check out this place. It looks like it has some neat stuff!
Ditzy-chan : Doesn't Gumi come down here for scraps and stuff for her projects?
Miku : I think so. She and Alice comes here to haul stuff off from around these parts to sell as scrap when they've got no other schemes going.
Ditzy-chan : Oh well, let's start looking for that stupid cat then.
Miku : Tally Ho Watson!
Ditzy-chan : *sigh*

And so the two girls search through the semi-abandoned warehouse for about half-an-hour without finding any cats. They did, however, find and dispatched three of the rather large raccoon dogs which pays well for their fur and meat and as far as Ditzy-chan was concerned, that would adequately compensate for their afternoon's activities.

Ditzy-chan : OK, might as well head back, eat dinner and make a start at our homework. You can sleepover at my place tonight instead of going back to Gekido, if you like ... what are you doing?
Miku : There's something here behind this pile of junk, give me a hand here will you?
Ditzy-chan : We shouldn't be doing stuff like this ... oh whatever ...

So they carefully remove a heap of old pallets and broken wooden crates to find behind the junk a skeleton at the back.

Ditzy-chan : OMG ... may be we should call the police?
Miku : WAIT! Let me investigate it first, they might be some clues that the police might miss.
Ditzy-chan : Yeah really - but seriously, this should be a police matter!
Miku : Don't underestimate my super sleuth deduction abilities, Watson!
Ditzy-chan : And what is it that you can deduce that the police can't, Miku?
Miku : For a start, the victim is DEAD!

Sounds of water dripping from a broken rain gutter could be heard as Ditzy-chan struggled for an intelligent response, or any response for that matter, to that last statement.

Miku : The 'victim' ... hmmm interesting ... has been dead for a very long time!
Ditzy-chan : Oh yeah, really. How can you tell?
Miku : Elementary Watson, there's no flesh on the body.
Ditzy-chan : ...
Miku : Also, there's a 50% chance that the victim is male.
Ditzy-chan : ...
Miku : And whoever it was, it wasn't wearing any clothes! May be it's a dead streaker!

There's banging sounds as Ditzy-chan repeatedly knocks her head against the wall.

Ditzy-chan : Well regardless, we should call the police!
Miku : Yeah, I guess ... but if we can solve this case before they arrive, we'll be famous!

A familiar voice : You're already famous, Miku. May be not for the best things, but whatever. What are you doing here anyway? I've been looking for you all over town! Good thing you had your phone on you so I was able to find you with a GPS locator.

Miku : That voice ... I know it ... it's got to be my nemesis!
Ditzy-chan : And who's that?
Miku : Neru Moriaty-san!

Neru : Pffft ... Haku called me to find you. She said her cat went home so you don't need to look for him anymore.
Miku : Can't you see I'm on a case here? That there is a murder victim!
Neru : What murder victim?
Miku : Him ... !
Ditzy-chan : And theres a 50% chance that it's a her ...

Neru examines the skeleton for a moment, and after a moment touches it and shakes it gently.

Ditzy-chan : May be you shouldn't be touching it, Neru. You might disturb some important evidence that 'Holmes-chan' here missed.

Neru : Nah ... this isn't a murder victim.
Miku : I KNEW IT - it's a dead homeless person!
Neru : Nope. Not that either.
Miku : A dead drunk!
Neru : Nien.
Miku : Oh, yeah? And how can you tell Neru Moriaty-san?
Neru : Elementary baka, since when does a real skeleton have 'Made in Nippon' stamped on the back of it's head and is made out of plastic?

Ditzy-chan takes a closer look at the skeleton and was quite surprised that Neru's observation was correct.

Ditzy-chan : How did you know that it wasn't real even before you moved it, Neru?
Neru : Easy. First off it's white. Real bones are brown. Secondly, it's not really all that well made. Plus the bones are connected together with wire. This was probably intended to be a halloween decoration.

Miku : I knew that, but I was just trying to trick Ditzy here with my superior intellect!
Neru and Ditzy-chan : Yeah really ...
Miku : Yes really!

Ditzy-chan : Well I'll admit she had me going there for a moment, but it was mainly her 'deductive' skills that threw me off.
Neru : Yep, Miku's deductive skills would throw any sane person off. Well, anyway let's get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.

It was at this point that the skeleton suddenly shook itself and stood up. The three girls look at it for a moment, all color drawn out of their faces and then all three of them faint.

Laughter as two familiar figures release the strings tied to the skeleton and come out of hiding from the gantry above.

Gumi : That worked out better than planned!
Alice : Yeah, I told you it would, hehe. Mind you, I didn't expect to see Neru here. She had me worried for a moment.
Gumi : Well, let's grab those raccoon dog carcasses before they wake up.
Alice : Yep, that'll teach them to poach raccoon dogs on our turf! Go bring the van around.
Gumi : BTW, there's a couple more boxes of those plastic skeletons. Wanna take them too? They should sell well at the swap meet since Halloween is just a few days away.
Alice : Yeah, sure. Let's hurry. They'll wake up soon!

The End ...


Appearance Miku: Mamama
Ditzy-Chan: Higuhigu
Akita Neru: Nakao
Skeleton: unknown
Scenery: 3DCG / MMD3DCGParts
VSDF-01 / Miku's magnifying glass: Trackdancer

Render: MMD 9.22
MME: dShaders suite / o_SelfOverlay / o_BleachByPass / Diffusion 7 / Object Luminous
Post Effects: Photoshop 7

Miku.Neru (C) Crypton Future Media, Inc.
Dizzy (C) Guilty Gear
Ditzy-chan (character) (C)
On the morality of Kitsunes by Trackdancer
On the morality of Kitsunes
Because some things just needed to be stated for the records, at least according to Caster.

Credits are in the panel.
How to Avoid becoming a Weeaboo by Trackdancer
How to Avoid becoming a Weeaboo
Well someone wrote me a note and used the word "Weeaboo". Now as it happened I have never come across that word before and so I GOOGLED it, and to cut a long story short this was the result of my 'research' ... :)

Credits are in the panel.
MMD Smile Mikasa by Trackdancer

The DeviantArt MMD community is notorious for its drama and mini-conflicts. It has also been the one in which I've encountered some of the rudest people on the Internet. However, I have also been rather fortunate in being able to become acquainted with some of the nicest, talented and knowledgeable people I've ever encountered anywhere. Many of these have graced my gallery with their visits, comments, encouragement and attentions. And a few, perhaps some of the most talented, have graciously given me access to hard to get models, exclusive previews of their MMD work and even insights into their methods of doing things.

Occasionally, I am gifted with real gems and this was the case when garmus1 dropped a note in my inbox the other night. Apart from the depth of knowledge that he gives into his methods, he's also given me permission to share that knowledge with the rest of the community.

Now, I know that some of you will have, after reading only a single paragraph, a glazed look over your eyes - in which case, this is a good point for you to go elsewhere as there is a lot of text and some of it almost reads like a technical manual. But for those of you who really want to learn more about MMD and at least one approach to achieving stunning, profession quality video making results that was written by someone who really knows what they are talking about, please read on.

In the final analysis, MMD is not about editing models or making pictures - it is about making videos and there is really very little information into this aspect of MMD in the MMD Community outside of Japan. And definitely, few that are so detailed and written with this degree of technical competence. Many people may not be familiar with garmus1 's work simply because he doesn't really market his work much. But some of you may have seen his work in the past when I hosted them on my DA front page or when he kindly created a demo for one of my more popular MMD stages. Like most MMDers, he is a hobbyist and just enjoys what he does. BUT, in my books, he is simply one of the most skilled MMD video makers in the world - especially from a technical aspect. His video work is 'world class' and if you haven't checked out his YouTube Channel yet, I highly recommend that you do. You will not be disappointed.

As for the 'tutorial', rather than rehashing what he wrote me, I am simply going to replicate the entire note he sent me for two reasons:

(1) It's already well written and in simply rehashing it I would be doing nothing to add to it. Besides, he's the expert on these things, not me.
(2) The computer system he uses for MMD is light years ahead of mine. It has some serious computing power. A lot of the effects he uses simply does not work on my 2006 vintage SONY VAIO, so I cannot replicate some of his techniques for the purposes of making screenshots.

So here is his information reproduced virtually verbatim. I have reformatted it (and corrected some typos and grammar) so that it's easier to read. There is also a small selection of his video work embedded at the end of this journal to showcase some of his work. These are not necessarily his best works; I simply chose several that used my stages (because I'm totally unbiased). So be sure to check out his YouTube Channel or better still, subscribe to it. He also has a presence on NicoNico, where perhaps his work is better known.

Note: Anywhere he's written "If you need more help with ..." - that's directed at "me" not "you". So please don't hassle him as he's got a life. Just use GOOGLE to fill in any knowledge gaps that you may have.

GARMUS' MMD Video Making Techniques:

Someone just asked me on how I make my videos and model renders to create that 3D effect. I'll copy and paste that msg here for you also for your info and if you want to make a tutorial that's up to you!

This might be a looong msg though!

O.K. First thing is you're probably a lot closer than you think you are! I had to find out on my own how to do this level of detail as all the other MMD video makers were A*** and wouldn't help or ignored me! I hated that they wanted to keep what they knew to themselves!

First of all go here and download this codex:…

This will allow you to now change your settings in MMD to render directly from MMD at 1080 and 60 FPS! It's what the Japanese MMDers use and it took me a while to find out what it is!

Now that you have installed it go and adjust your screen size to whatever your computer can handle and your monitor can render.

Next load up a model. It can be any model that you want to use. Now load a shader; I'll use g-shader_neutral (greenershader). This is where most people lose out on the models. They just load the shader and leave the lighting adjustment alone. You can really bring out your model's features by adjusting the light settings. Each shader has a different intensity that it's good at but the positioning of the light makes a big difference!

The settings I use for light intensity for greenershader are R: 60 G: 60 B: 60 and for light position is X= +0.3 Y= -0.1 Z= +0.5

This should really bring out the effect now, but wait we're not done yet! Now you need to use o_SelfOverlay. You can use normal, blur or soft. I prefer using soft. If you don't have it grab it from here:

While you are getting that grab also o_Tonemap and o_Surplusfilter. Play around with these and use as needed! o_Surplus filter has o_Bleach-bypass in it. If you use it set it no higher than 0.5 in si and tr in the accessory panel. You can go higher if you are trying to do different camera effects. I set mine at 0.4 or 0.5 depending on what I want to accomplish.

o_Bleach-bypass will tone down the bright colors, and you will know this when you upload to Youtube. Colors like the reds becomes brighter. This will compensate for it but you will have to play around with it to see what works for you! Remember for all these filters and any others I might mention you can adjust the intensity of them in the accessory panel using the tr and si values! I usually just leave the o_SelfOverlay alone though.

Now load up excellentshadow and set the si to 10 in the accessory panel! The reason why you set it to 10 is that annoying shadow in the hairline that won't go away, this will get rid of it! If you don't have excellent shadow go here:…

Now you can load up SvSSAO, XDOF, but I recommend TrueCameraLX. It has some slight autoluminous, motionblur, diffusion, SvSSAO all combined in it! I usually also add SvSSAO full version. SvSSAO is another thing most people don't adjust! You should never need to go higher than 0.4 in si and tr in the accessory panel for it. You ever notice that black outline around your model in your video or others? That's because they didn't adjust this!

Now after you have loaded all your effects and background you have an option to use diffusion. You might not need it depending on how you want your video to look! If you want more of a 3D look leave it off. If you want more of a movie look load it up and adjust the tr and si levels as needed! It should be looking pretty good now but it still not quite there yet.

Load the wave and motion files you need and of course set the ending frame for you video!

Now we want to render the video! Goto 'Render to AVI' and when you get the adjustment panel follow these steps:

1). Set your frame rate to 60
2). Goto the video compressor drop down menu and click it. You should now have additional option to choose from! I usually use the UtVideo YUV422 BT.709 DMO option.
3). Now once you have chosen that, the settings button under the drop down menu should be available. Click that! You now need to click on two boxes. They are (Same as # of logical processors) and (Optimize for compression ratio (Predict Median)) and then click on the OK button.
4). Now you can finally click on the OK button to render.

If you did everything right up to this point your video will be very sharp and even clearer than the original in MMD! The file WILL BE LARGE! Not as big as an AVI but close! We are talking GIGs, so make sure you have enough space where you put it! Next you need to compress it to a more manageable size. I use the Prism video converter but use whatever is available to you.

But for whichever one you use, you want to make sure in the converter that you set the render to 1080 and 60 fps along with quality over speed in render. If you need more help with the converter or the use of Prism just let me know and I'll give you another example!

Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much!

I know it's a lot of info but if you need anything else just let me know! Now you see why I always complain about my video quality on Youtube! Now that you know how my videos are supposed to look, look at my old videos and see how much quality they lost! Some videos do make it through ALMOST intact (still suffers some quality loss) but not much and you can tell which ones they are. I would still like to know how some of these MMD uploaders get their videos through so clear (I've got an idea but I'm not willing to pay for it and I don't have over a 10,000 subscriber base ). Well you should be putting out high definition videos from here on out!

Well there it is and hopefully it was clear enough for you! Try it out and let me know what you think!

A small selection of garmus1 's videos:

If you have methods that you use that you want to share with other video makers in the community, do feel free to add these in the comments below. The ones that are, in my opinion, of special merit will be tagged as "featured" comments so that they will be highlighted for others who visit this journal.

Anyway. thanks for reading this. Hopefully, you've found some useful information here. I most certainly have. And many, many thanks to garmus1 for allowing me to share his knowledge with the community.


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Go here:

Get the software. It installs into the tools folder not the plugin folder. It hasn't been upgraded for the latest version of SketchUp so it can behave weird, but otherwise it works fine. Save your model file BEFORE converting/exporting.
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Thank you so much! :meow:
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Actually I gave out the wrong URL. Here's the correct one:…

There is also this one:…
This one is slower and a little more complex. Haven't tried it with SketchUp 2014 either but it should work.
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iMACobra Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
So MMD 9.22 just came out a few days ago but what is the difference between the normal version and 64-Bit? My laptop can easily run the 64-Bit version but is it really better?
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I am not a programmer, so in all honesty, I am unable to answer your question definitively. However, as a purely logical observation, one might presume that the 64-bit version is optimized for a 64-bit architecture machine (ie. it runs faster and more efficiently).
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Here's why I needed that speaker.…
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Saw that - made a note on your video page.
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(Sees note) Whoops, knew i forgot something. DX Thanks, tho.
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